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Professional License Defense / 5.10.2024

IDFPR License Defense Attorneys

Are you a licensed professional facing an investigation by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation? Here’s what you should know:

If you are a healthcare worker, business professional, or any licensed professional in Illinois, safeguarding your license from disciplinary actions is essential. The education, training, and hours of work invested in your career could be lost if your license is revoked. Upon discovering any issues with the IDFPR, securing legal representation to devise an effective defense strategy is critical to protecting your career. If you are facing an investigation or actions with the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR), read on for details.

What should I do if an IDFPR investigator contacts me?

An investigator from the IDFPR may contact you at your work, home, or by phone. They usually will request to be provided documentation or additional information related to the investigation.

We always suggest getting in contact with an experienced attorney before providing documents or speaking with an investigator. A healthcare attorney can aid in making sure that the following protocols are followed and looking out for your best interests.

Do I need to provide a statement?

Never provide a written statement during an interview. Providing a statement can lead to putting yourself into a position that provides evidence that can be used against you. It is rare that it will work in your favor. In any event, an attorney should review any and all statements before they are submitted.

How should someone prepare for an Informal Disciplinary Conference?

A solid approach is to prepare as if you were heading into a Formal Hearing. Statements made and information disclosed during informal conferences can be used against you later. Before the conference, ensure your attorney has all relevant documentation related to the case allegations, including any materials you may have already provided to the IDFPR.

Common mistakes made when receiving a "Notice of Informal Disciplinary Conference":

  • Talking to investigators
  • Trying to deal with the licensing board on their own
  • Not properly preparing for the Informal Disciplinary Conference
  • Delaying legal representation until the discipline process is in its final stages

Do I need to submit to questioning by an IDFPR Investigator?

The answer is no—you are not required to submit to an IDFPR investigator. While an investigator may try to pressure you into providing evidence and answering their questions, our advice is not to respond until you have a skilled attorney with you.

What to look for when finding an IDFPR Defense Lawyer

We have successfully represented medical and healthcare professionals facing disciplinary actions in various fields. Our skilled team of IDFPR attorneys thoroughly understands these cases. We also recognize the significance of licensing issues for your career and reputation. Whether the legal matter is minor or major, it is crucial to act promptly and secure representation for your case with the IDFPR.

Our years of experience in these IDFPR cases include, but are not limited to:

Looking for an IDFPR defense lawyer? Look to the Callahan Law Firm

The team at the Callahan Law Firm boasts a successful track record of representing healthcare professionals through these complex and challenging legal cases. The office provides free, no obligation consultations for representation for medical professionals. If you have been contacted by the IDFPR regarding your professional career, contact us now to discuss the path forward to protecting your license.

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